07. Strengthen Implementation of Graphic Health Warnings and Increase the Size of GHW on Tobacco Products in Bangladesh through Advocacy, Capacity Building and Monitoring (Fact Sheet) Download pdf File

06. “Post Budget Market Reflection of Increase Tax on Smokeless Tobacco (Jorda) in Bangladesh”

None of the Jorda being sold at the price mentioned in the budget passed in the fiscal year 2020-21. Since the price of most of the Jorda in the country are very low, it is easily available to the consumers and even, if it increases its price, it does not become too much of a burden for the consumers. Total 125 packets of Jorda were investigated (46 company 54 brands) which was collected from 6 (Six) districts to identify the market reflection on raising tax. Only 56% brands and 43% packets change the price but the range was only 1-2 taka and the average increasing rate is 1.72 taka. According to the budget, the price of 5 grams of Jorda was supposed to be 20 taka, but the price of all the Jorda available in the market was from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 16 taka. In the same way, according to the budget, the price of 10 grams of Jorda is supposed to be 40 taka, but looking around the market, it is seen that 10 grams of Jorda is being sold at a minimum of 7 taka to a maximum of 20 taka. Read more..

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05. Introduce Standard Packaging for Smokeless Tobacco and Bidi for Effective Implementation of Pictorial Warnings in Bangladesh (Fact Sheet)

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04. Overall Project Activities & Outcomes, TCRC, DIU (BD-21-23)

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03. “E- Cigarette: Threat of New dimension of Tobacco- Marketing, distribution and availability in Dhaka City”.

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02. Markets of Smokeless Tobacco Products: Challenges and Way Forward

Policy Briefing Paper, Volume: 01, No.: 01, 09 March 2020

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01. A study was conducted on the present situation of the implementation of TC law on  Smoking and smokeless product in Bangladesh. 

বাংলাদেশের ১০ জেলায় ধূমপান ও তামাকজাত দ্রব্য ব্যবহার নিয়ন্ত্রণ আইন বাস্তবায়নের অগ্রগতি সম্পর্কিত গবেষণা  নিম্নে দেওয়া হল ।

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