About US

Dhaka International University has established Tobacco Control and Research Cell (TCRC) to carry out the research and sensitization activity for effective tobacco control movement and to create awareness as well as act as a pressure group to enforce, implement, and modify tobacco control law.

The vision of this university is ‘to see an educated and healthy generation’. To meet successfully with this vision, TCRC is continuously working on tobacco control issues for making a tobacco free Bangladesh. TCRC has successfully completed two projects with financial assistance of Bloomberg initiative and technical support by The UNION.

TCRC has started the First project on “Policy advocacy for effective implementation of Graphic Health Warnings on tobacco products in Bangladesh”. The major activities and outcomes of first projects were-

  1. Three govt. orders have issued by Director General, Customs Intelligence & Investigation Directorate (CIID), Director General of Health Service and Directorate of National Consumers Rights and Protection (DNCRP) to take legal action against the violation of GHW provision in their regular market monitoring.
  1. Conducted a survey among 50 districts about the implementation of GHW on all tobacco products. More than 2012 brands and 7502 tobacco products was collected for monitoring.

After successfully completed this project again started the project (Bangladesh-21-23) on “Strengthen implementation of Graphic Health Warnings and increase the size of GHW on tobacco products in Bangladesh through advocacy, capacity building and monitoring” from 1st September 2017. This project work was develop on the basis of four objectives-

  1. 48 endorsement letters/DO have collected from Parliament Members, Former Minister and Speakers and Deputy Speakers of National Parliament and gets commitment to work on it.
  1. Organized all eight divisional workshop in presence all district levels high govt. officials under each division. Total 350 Government high officials were attended including Division and Districts Head, Member of Parliament, Mayor of City Corporation, Civil Surgeon, Additional Districts Magistrate and all taskforce members as per law.
  1. Conducted Eight cycle compliance monitoring covering all 64 Districts and sub-districts with using GHWs monitoring apps.
  1. 7 (Six) Press Conference were organized to disseminate the outcomes of compliance monitoring Al most all the daily news papers and some Television channel cover the news and circulate the violation information.
  1. Total value of media realised near about 1 (One) Corer Bangladeshi taka.

Without the project activities the team continuously working on other issues like-Raising Tax, Celebrating World No Tobacco Day, Against Industry Interference, TAPS Ban in coordinated manner with other tobacco control organizations.