Advisor, TCRC

Advisor, TCRC

Professor Dr. K. M. Mohsin


It gives me immense pleasure to know that the Dhaka International University is ready for launching a Website of its own. It is undoubtedly a significant milestone in the progress of the University. With a new feather in its cap, the institution can now claim to have entered into Digital Bangladesh, which is taking shape. All those including students and guardians who are interested in gathering information about the profile of the University, its Faculties, Laboratory, Library and other Facilities, as well as admission requirements will find a ready access to the Website which is a treasure house of all relevant facts.

Advisor, TCRC

Advisor, TCRC

Dr. S. Quadir Patwari



Amidst many saying and slogans, I would like to say “Knowledge is Power” and it is always powered by Dhaka International University, which is persuing it for last 14 years. The stages of your learning as a student started at home, society, elsewhere and now let it finish doubtlessly in our fully air-conditioned reputed university, with zeal, full color and most sophisticated dignity by which any student will be able to stand on his own feet with full of courage, confidence and will be able to make everyone fully satisfied for anything with guarantee.

Our university is not only the place of regular routine type of study, it is moulded with variety of combinations like indoor and outdoor games, sports, debate, discussion, seminar, performances & non the less developing all other human qualities with the highest endeavour of our renowned highly qualified professors, all of them are milestones in the field of education who are persuing the world standard syllabuses for the students.

The highly sophisticated products of our university are versatile with reputed figure employed every nook and corner of the country and round the world.

All the loving students are our kingpin, here they are helped financially at all levels of education. We nourish them with our kindness and love. The campus is smoke free zone. They enjoy the enriched library, good canteen, etc. All the full-fledged laboratories are ever ready for the students to learn and innovate new dimensions. Parents are also satisfied with our attention & devotion for their beloved next of kins. Students here envisage their skill and at the end of their course go out with full bloom, through convocation saying, “Knowledge is Power

We sincerely pray for our loving students for their successful career.

President, TCRC

President, TCRC

Barrister Shameem Haider Patwary


Business is a game of risk. In this game risks are great and rewards are great, too. In such a situation if you want to reap the rewards, you have to gather diversified skills. Dhaka International University (DIU) is there to ingrain those skills in you. In addition to our own rich faculty members, you will have the rare opportunity here in DIU to come in touch with faculties from reputed universities of the country particularly from the University of Dhaka and other professionals from national and multinational undertakings, who could reach the apex of their achievement level.

We are hopeful that you will enjoy their nice association and interaction with them will definitely enrich you all by widening your window of knowledge through which you view the present globalized world.